My Art

Here are some of my favorite drawings or paintings I have done over the years. I don't draw all the time, but do occasionally. I love art of all kinds whether it be pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, acrylic paint, etc. I hope you enjoy seeing a few of my pieces!

I have a really easy way that I put words onto canvas, do you think I should I do quick post on it? The method can be used for pictures as well as words.

This and all of the above are acrylic paint on canvas. ↑

These are bookmarks which I painted with watercolor.

This is an unedited photograph I took of the branch of a pine tree.

Acrylic on canvas.

Acrylic on canvas.

This is acrylic paint on canvas.

I did Benjamin Franklin with charcoal on paper.

I drew the next two using Disney Artist tutorials, which are on YouTube. These I drew with a graphite pencil on paper.


  1. Wow, these are so amazing! :) I love the last one. :) You're a really good artist!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Clara! They were fun to do :)

  2. These pieces of art are so pretty! I love the Disney cartoons, the Pooh is especially adorable!:)

  3. I love those night sky twilight mountain paintings!