Sunday, October 30, 2016

Shopping Trip and Mini Haul!

Yesterday I went shopping at Target and a local toy store. I took some pictures of the Our Generation and American Girl items that they had in stock! At the end of this post, I will be showing what I ended up purchasing.

*warning: many of the following pictures are blurry*

The toy store had an end cap of Our Generation items. I had been to this store before and they had many more items than this, but this was all I saw yesterday.

They also had some American Girl mega blocks.

A few outfits.

Mini dolls.

The store also sold some used American Girl Dolls! As you can see here, they had Felicity and Rebecca. 

Then there was also #27 wearing Julie's meet outfit. I believe the doll on the right is #34. #49 is hiding behind the box to the right.

They also had Kanani.

#53 and Caroline. The mini doll is Samantha, but she is in a BeForever box.

Next I went to Target! They had 8 or 9 different dolls.

The section seemed slightly larger than it had been on previous visits.

Accessory and clothing sets were mixed together. They didn't have any shoes sold separately.

I had a gift card, so I purchased the OG Explorers accessory set! It was also on sale which was nice :)

I like this set because of all the little items it comes with that I'm sure Maggie will love! I will be doing a review on this set.

The other thing I got was from the toy store...

Kanani!!! She is in her complete meet outfit (I believe), with book, and box! Although I don't plan to keep her (I plan to fix her up and resell her), I am so excited! Her hair needs some work, her limbs need to be tightened, and her body needs to be cleaned. I will do a "before" post soon to give an overview on her condition right now. I can't wait to make this girl even more beautiful! Do you have Kanani? If so, is this her complete meet outfit?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fallen Leaf -- A Photoshoot

Hey there folks! I try to make the most of seasonal photography opportunities, and since it is almost the end of October, I thought it was a prime time to take grab some pumpkins, leaves, and cozy outfit!

I love photographing Mag :)

What do you think of her top? I just sewed it yesterday.

Maggie's Outfit: (made by me)
Top: Altered Pixie Faire T-shirt pattern
Leggings: Pixie Faire leggings pattern
Boots: Jenwrenne pattern (I believe the linked post contains the correct pattern)
Infinity Scarf: Pixie Faire tutorial

Monday, October 3, 2016

Maggie's Morning Routine!

Today Maggie will be showing you what she does in a typical morning! 


"Hi! So the first thing I do in the morning is wake up!

I get out of bed and I stretch and usually yawn. (Oops it looks like I need to clean my room!)

Before I go downstairs, I make my bed. I can fix my picture frame later. Right now I need breakfast!

 Usually when I go to eat breakfast, Brooke is still in bed.

Sleepy head :)

Downstairs, I have my food. Today I just had a hard boiled egg and some milk.

After breakfast, I change into my clothes. I picked out my 'Star Wars' t-shirt (it's one of my favorites) and my silver athletic shorts, since I plan on playing outside today.

Time to brush my hair! 

Since I plan on having an active day, I put my hair in a pony with a headband.

Oh, look Brooke finally woke up!

Before I head out to start my day, I check in on the other girls.

"Hey Beth! Do you want to come play basketball with me?"

"Good morning! Thanks for the offer, but I'm about to listen to an Adventures in Odyssey episode."

"The Green Ring Conspiracy! We could listen together?"

"Maybe later, right now I feel the urge to run around! See you later!"

 I left Beth to relax and listen to her Adventures in Odyssey episode :)

That's it for today folks! I hope you enjoyed going through a typical morning with --. Hey, who's that?

"Brooke! You're out of bed!"

"What's for breakfast?" Brooke asked sleepily.

I giggled :)


I hope you had a good time with Maggie! I'm thinking about doing more posts like this eventually... Would you be interested in seeing more of what Maggie does? 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

October Sunset ~ A Photo Shoot with Teddie and Beth

It's October and officially fall! :) Teddie is my newest doll, and I got her in May. Because of that, I've only really dressed her in summery, warm-weather outfits. I am excited to see what she looks like in fall-ish and eventually winter outfits! 

Here's the shoot!

The crimson fallen leaves kind of look like rose petals to me...

"Hi Teddie! Whatcha' doin'?"

"Oh hey Beth! I'm just enjoying the sunset. Would you like to join me?"

"It is so beautiful and peaceful," Beth said.


I think Teddie is pretty cute in red! Do you? 

Also, in case you're wondering, I made all the clothing that the girls are wearing, except their boots I believe are both by Sophia's on Amazon. Teddie's hair is in a simple ponytail. Beth has two 5 strand braids (with each of the 5 strands already being a 3 strand braid) and then pulled back into a bun.