Monday, May 30, 2016

An American Girl -- Photo Shoot

For Memorial Day, here is a photo shoot of Maggie wearing red, white, and blue in honor of those who have fought for our freedom.

I hope you have had a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shoe Room and Teddie's Room Preview

Let's take a look at another doll room!

It's a small corner for shoes, accessories, and some toys.

Here are the shoes on the shoe shelf.

A shelf on the left wall has some toys, including a PlayMobil, some animals, and crayons.

On the floor are some stuffed animals.

That's all for that room!

Teddie's new room isn't ready to be toured yet, I still have to make her a bed. But, here is a little sneak peek:


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Teddie by the Pool

Yesterday I took Teddie in her new pink dress for a photo shoot by a pool!

This one is my favorite :)

Hope you enjoyed! Which picture did you like best?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Doll Room Tours --- Maggie and Brooke's Room

Let us continue our journey through the doll rooms! Today is Maggie and Brooke's room.

Here is an overview.

Maggie sleeps on the bottom bunk. She has a white minky blanket, green sheets and pillows, and a white minky decorative pillow.

Lotso lives on her bed as well.

Her bed stand is wooden and holds the picture she got for Christmas. (The Star Wars Legos are awaiting playtime.)

The lower shelf of the bed stand has some movies, candy, and a bouncy ball.

On the wall are some shelves. One holds some Star Wars figurines. The other is empty for now.

Under her bed, Maggie keeps her green light-saber that she got for Christmas.

At the end of the bed, there is a book bag hanging from the bed post. Inside the book bag is a Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster.

Now on to Brooke's sections of the room! She is designated the floor area at the end of the bed. Here she keeps some of her favorite shoes and her guitar. Her dog Curly mostly stays here too.

The right wall has some glow sticks and a painting.

Brooke sleeps on the top bunk. She has a purple mattress with a pink fleece pillow and blanket.

Olaf :)

Since Brooke is a Frozen fan, she has some posters by her bed.

On the ledge at the edge of the bed, Brooke keeps random stuff like her fan, camera, mug, and homework.

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WMDAW Brooke and Maggie

I put these spring/warm weather outfits together for fun and thought I'd share the results! So, it's time for another What My Dolls Are Wearing!

First is Brooke!

She is wearing a fringe scarf that I made from the sleeve of a t-shirt.

Her basic white tank tops creates a good backdrop for the scarf.

These black and white daisy leggings add a pattern to the outfit, as well as contrast from the lighter colors of the top and scarf.

For her hairstyle, two pieces of hair from the front are pulled back and tied with a ribbon bow elastic.

Her hairstyle is very simple, her curls are down with a small piece pulled back with an elastic.

Her orange tee is actually the style I make for boys, but I rolled the sleeves a little. There is a tiki and a flower on the shirt in white. I really like the length of the shirt.

Maggie's shorts are a very dark blue denim with silver glitter and tan stitching. They have been in a lot of outfits since I made them because they are cute and versatile as well.

Her shoes are white sandals made from craft foam using the Liberty Jane Gladiator Sandals pattern. I have made 5 pairs of sandals with this pattern, of which 3 are white! So white sandals get used a lot in my doll household as well.

Which outfit did you prefer? Brooke's or Maggie's?

PS Next up is another room tour :)