Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Blogging

Hi! Happy New Years Eve! (Or New Years Day depending on what time zone you are in ;)

Before I get into the true purpose of this post, I just want to mention that I recently went to the American Girl store for the first time! It was fantastic, and I took some pictures (which are kind of outdated now since the new releases), but I will post a few anyway. Also, I purchased two little things with the gift card I received from Jessica's photo contest! I will share what I got in a future post.

Anyways, as 2016 comes to a close, I thought I'd post some statistics/summary of my blogging year! This year, my blog received about 15,000 views, and gained 9 new followers. The most viewed post was Teddie's First Photo Shoot. Thank you so much!

Out of 523 comments, I shall give a shout out to the top three commenters...

American Girl Place ~ 42
Leah M ~ 40
Emma ~ 38

Thank you to everyone who has commented on my blog! I love getting all of your wonderful comments :)

Now I will share my personal favorite posts from this year!


Remodel Photostory! This post was really exciting, because my dolls moved in to their own official space with bedrooms. I have had a lot of fun decorating and making each room unique to their personalities :)


 Maggie Emelyn. This shoot was a lot of fun! Maggie is the Star Wars fan in the doll family :)


Ooo this month was hard to pick, but I ended up choosing Happy Easter, because (although the dolls kept falling over throughout the shoot) this was the first photo shoot I did with more than two dolls.


In April, I reached 2 years of blogging, so that was exciting! My doll family also welcomed Teddie!

Teddie by the Pool. I believe this was the second shoot I did with Teddie. I really like how it turned out :)

Playing in the Stream. I feel like this shoot was perfect for Maggie. She loves to play outside and do active things, so exploring a stream was great for her :)


Summer Evening. Beth had a lovely evening on the dock. And oops I only made 2 posts in July...

Ohana. The flowers blooming were a great backdrop!


Love is Marching. I had been planning this lyric shoot for a while, and was really happy when I finally had chance to do it!


Fallen Leaf. I always enjoy photographing Maggie :)


Teddie's Ramble. Fall was made for Teddie. Her hair matches all the fading leaves.


Happiness Is. This shoot was so fun. Possibly one of my most favorite ever.
I wish you a happy New Year! :D

PS I recently returned from Hawaii, and I took Phoebe along!! I took lots of photos and can't wait to post them!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Phoebe Browses the AG Website

Hi! Phoebe here! I'm so happy to be back for another post! Today I will be talking about some cool old-fashioned things I found on the American Girl website!
 This bike! This is Samantha's bicycle and it is so cute! From the white wheels to the pink metal to the flower basket, it would be so fun to ride this bike around while pretending that I am Samantha. This would be amazing to have on a summer evening!
This is called "Josefina's Heirlooms". I included it mostly because of the fan! Look at it! It's so amazing! I would put it in my bedroom (when I get one 😆). I really like Marie-Grace's white fan, but it isn't sold by American Girl anymore, so Josefina's would be my second pick!

 This set is awesome. Check it out! The old-fashioned camera would be so fun to play with.
Can you have an old-fashioned room without a phonograph and records? I don't think so. It reminds me of Christy!

This might be my favorite. I would love to read Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm! The dominoes and the Russian dolls. Plus a bag and crochet supplies!

Lastly, Kit's Typewriter. I have always wanted a typewriter, because then I could write out documents that look like they were written a long time ago. That would be cool!

Well, I think that's it for me today! Bye!
~ Phuboebube (That's Phoebe in ubbi dubbi! 😂)

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Few Shots of Maggie

This is just a few shots I grabbed of Maggie the other day. It looks like she was heading out to shop!


That's all for now!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happiness Is

Teddie decided to take a Christmas book and a blanket to read beneath the Christmas tree at this festive time of year.

This was a fun shoot! With two props, Teddie, Christmas jammies, and a tree! Sounds good to me :)

Merry Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 23, 2016

GOTY 2017 Gabriela Book

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble, and I ws very surprised to see the American Girl shelf looking like this!

There were many copies of Gabriela for $9.99 each. Today I headed back to the store to take some photos and grab a copy. American Girl Doll News made a post today with the details of the book, but I thought I'd post some photos.

The rumors of poetry, dance, and Gabriela's struggle with stuttering are firmed up here on the back cover.

I am excited to start reading this book, which will be the first GOTY book I have read!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Candid Moments

My dolls do many things around the house that don't get photographed. Therefore, they don't make it on the blog. But, today Teddie was sitting in her chair, wrapped up in a blanket and I had to grab some shots to share!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Newest Doll Introduces Herself

Hi, I'm Phoebe Sterling! You can call me Phoebe!

As you know, I'm the newest member of this family! I already love being here, the other girls are really nice and welcoming. As a way of introduction, I thought I'd offer some fun facts about me!

- I love dressing up! Whether it's a time period, Disney character, or whatever, I love to dress up! Although I've just moved here, I hope to gather an extensive costume closet!

- I love dolls! The other girls in the house don't have dolls, but I really really want Samantha or Kaya from American Girl. If that couldn't happen (I know they are expensive), I would be very happy with an Our Generation doll too!

- I love vintage and antique things! I don't have my own bedroom yet, but if I get one, I wanna fill it up with cool looking old-fashioned things.

- I love trying new things! I make it a goal to try everything. Sports, dance, hobbies, etc. etc. I hope the other girls will introduce me to their hobbies!

- I am spontaneously unique! I can speak ubbi dubbi and can't wait to teach the other girls how!

- I am Japanese and proud of my heritage! But, I am also American and I am very proud of that too!

- I love using the internet to learn and share information, so hopefully I will get to post a lot more!!

- Also, as soon as I get my own first photo shoot (!), I will be added to the "Dolls" page, as well as the header! 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~  ~

Thank you Phoebe! :)

I've been thinking about #64 for a long time, that is why her personality is already pretty developed! Also, Phoebe Sterling was a name I picked out for #64 over a year ago if I ever got her. When I had her out of the box, I wasn't sure if that was the name I should go with. My brother said Phoebe fit her well, and Izzy commented and suggested the name Phoebe! So Phoebe it is!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Brooke's Wintry Weekend Part 2

**evidently if you accidentally press Enter while titling a post, it gets published haha. That is what happened to me yesterday, so those of you who follow by email or something may have gotten a blank post that has no content except a title. The actual post will be up sometime next week probably! Sorry 'bout that folks!**

It's time for part two of Brooke's adventures, which is a photo shoot!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  


Thank you to my brother for creating these doll footprints 😊

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

This photo shoot was so fun! When I was back inside about an hour later that morning, the temperature was 19 degrees! I can only imagine what it was when I was taking the photos! ⛄

Merry Christmas!