Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What My Dolls are Wearing!

It's time for another WMDAW! This one features Brooke, Maggie, and Kanani!

Before I get into the outfits, this is Maggie and Brooke's room! I rearranged it, and put the bunk bed against the shorter wall, making there more open floor space. Also, I just had an idea! Phoebe (who doesn't currently have a bedroom) could have a bed on the opposite side possibly... I will have to explore this possibility! (and make her a bed!) Good thing I made a tutorial on Beth's bed.

Maggie's little 3-Peas-in-a-Pod stuffy is so cute 😄

Brooke is the Frozen fan! (Frozen on Broadway is supposed to begin performances next Spring...)

Now, Kanani is not officially one of "my dolls", because I am selling her, but I thought I'd dress her anyway :)

Maggie!I have to say, I like dressing my dolls in summery clothes :)

Group shot!

Talk to you next time! 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Winter's on the Wing -- A Lyric Photo Shoot with Teddie

Folks, I think winter's on the wing; make way for spring! Teddie went out and explored in the spring-y weather.

(This is a lyric photo shoot, and I have included the song, if you want to listen to it while you look/read;)


Winter's on the wing
Here's a fine spring morn' 
Comin' clean through the night
From the May I say

Winter's taken flight
 Sweepin' dark cold air
Out to sea, spring is born
Comes the day I say

And you'll be here to see it
Stand and breathe it all our day
Stoop and feel it, stop and hear it
Spring, I say

And now the sun is climbin' high
Risin' fast on fire
Glarin' down through the gloom

Gone the gray, I say

The sun spells the doom
Of the winter's reign
Ice and chill must retire
From the May I say

And you'll be here to see it
Stand and breathe it all our day
Stoop and feel it, stop and hear it
Spring, I say

I say, be gone, ye howlin' gales
Be off, ye frosty morns

All ye solid streams begin to thaw
Melt, ye waterfalls
Part ye frozen winter walls

See, see now it's startin'
And now the mist is liftin' high
Leavin' bright blue air
Rollin' clean 'cross the Moor
From the May, I say

The storm'll soon be by
Leavin' clear blue sky
Soon the sun will shine
From the day, say I

And you'll be here to see it
Stand and breathe it all the days
Stoop and feel it, stop and hear it
Spring, I say


I hope you enjoyed this!

PS I made the dress and the hat using ProjectAGRunways free patterns! :)


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Princess Phoebe

Hello! Phoebe has been waiting for her princess shoot for some time now :)

Fun fact: this dress is one of the first sewing projects that I ever posted! (on my old blog). I added the belt and I think it adds a lot.

My favorite ↑

Were these shoes were made for this dress or what? :)

I've got a new costume/bound idea for Phoebe and I can't wait to get started on it!

I'm excited for the upcoming posts I have planned!

PS I am currently adding new paintings to the "My Art" page if you want to check it out!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Brooke in a New Dress!

I did a little sewing this week! When Sophie at ProjectAGRunway posted this free pattern, I had to try it!

I used a black eyelet fabric, which had stretch to it. Since the eyelets are basically little holes in the fabric, I put a leotard on underneath the dress. That is the turquoise that can be seen. I kind of like that, because I can change the color of the leotard and make the dress look different!

I think the only thing I did different than the pattern instructions was the armholes are a little smaller.

If made with the appropriate fabric, I think this dress pattern could serve as a swimsuit coverup too.

Some additional photos:

Thank you to Sophie for making this great pattern available for free! I had no problems sewing it, and it fits perfect! I've started another dress with the pattern and hope to finish soon :)