Sunday, February 19, 2017

Brooke in a New Dress!

I did a little sewing this week! When Sophie at ProjectAGRunway posted this free pattern, I had to try it!

I used a black eyelet fabric, which had stretch to it. Since the eyelets are basically little holes in the fabric, I put a leotard on underneath the dress. That is the turquoise that can be seen. I kind of like that, because I can change the color of the leotard and make the dress look different!

I think the only thing I did different than the pattern instructions was the armholes are a little smaller.

If made with the appropriate fabric, I think this dress pattern could serve as a swimsuit coverup too.

Some additional photos:

Thank you to Sophie for making this great pattern available for free! I had no problems sewing it, and it fits perfect! I've started another dress with the pattern and hope to finish soon :)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Photos of Maggie -- Unearthed

I discovered some pictures of Maggie from last summer that I don't think I ever posted! There's just a few good ones, but I thought I'd share them!

A reflector would have been useful in that picture. ↑

I designed the cardigan and shoes for the dress.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Making Valentine's Day Cookies -- A Photo Story

I generally try not to make more than one post in a day, but this is an exception. Tomorrow it will be past Valentine's Day and therefore this photo story would be out of place! But today, here is a little photo story starring Beth and Maggie :)



 "Hi Maggie!" Beth said, spying Maggie come in the door.

"Hey Beth, are you making cookies?" Maggie asked.

"Yeah! If you want, go change your clothes and you can help." Beth offered.

"Cool!" Maggie said as she headed to change out of her Valentine's Day dress.

"Alright, I'm back."

"Great! There's red and pink icing. Take your pick." Beth said as she frosted a heart cookie.

Maggie frosted for a moment, then said. "Hm. Mine doesn't look like yours..." Maggie showed Beth her pink cookie.

"You just need to use more frosting," Beth said sweetly.

 "Like this?" Maggie asked.

"Perfect! Good job," Beth commended.

"This is fun! I think I'll make one that is half red and half pink!" Maggie excitedly slapped the frosting on the sugar cookie.

"That's a really good idea!" Beth smiled.

When they were all done, the girls admired their cookies.

"Now let's eat 'em!" Maggie cried gleefully.

 "First I need to make a plate for the neighbors." Beth said, taking a pink plate and same clear wrap.

"Okay," Maggie sighed impatiently.

The girls then posed for a photo with their lovely cookies :)

"They're delicious!" Maggie exclaimed.


Thank you for reading!

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's February but it is still snowy!

I decided my dolls needed a pink circle skirt for Valentine's Day. Circle skirts are so quick to make! This one I didn't use elastic for because I didn't have any, so the waist band will stretch eventually (which is fine with me). I used an adapted pattern from Pixie Faire (the versatility dress), and added a strip of folded fabric for the waistband. This is definitely the quickest sewing project I can do. And I just love the results!!

After this point in the shoot, I moved Phoebe to another spot, where she fell on her face and got wet. she changed into some comfy sweats and spent some time hanging out in her new bestie's room ;)

Happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thrift Store!

This weekend I went to a thrift store. I like to check the book section and see if my local store as any American Girl books. Of all the times I've been, I have never seen any. But this time was different!

There were six! And I'd never read any of them!

Kaya! In December I read a Kaya mystery (The Mysterious Stranger), so this was cool :)

Kirsten is from the pioneer era right? I am excited to read her books!


Kirsten's first book.

Kirsten's 3rd book.

And finally, Felicity's 2nd book!

I'm excited to read these books! And they were only 50¢ each!!

PS Today at Caught Daydreaming I realized it is possible to see how many email followers I have! I checked, and it turns out that I have 25! Including Google, that's about 55 followers! (some might be doubled up). Although blogging isn't about the number of followers you have, this was exciting to see :) Also, the place where you can see how many email followers you have shows statistics as well, like when you get them, etc. Thank you so much to all who have read my blog and followed it!!

Friday, February 10, 2017