Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tacy by the Tree -- A Photo Shoot

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and are enjoying the weekend!

I dressed all my dolls in Christmas pajamas and started french braiding their hair for the holiday season. My Disney Animator Anna Doll got her hair braided too, but I realized I hadn't decided on a name for her. So, I thought for a few minutes and came up with Tacy, which is inspired by the Betsy-Tacy books by Maud Hart Lovelace. At the same time, I really wanted to take pictures in front of the Christmas tree! Thus, this photo shoot was inspired!

So cute 😍

I hope you enjoyed this photo shoot! It was a lot of fun to do! Also, Tacy needs a middle name, so if you have a suggestion please leave a comment!

Bonus pictures of blurry Christmas lights 😁


Sunday, November 20, 2016

It's a Small World After All Blog Award

I was nominated by Gracie from Smile and Craft AG for the It's a Small World After All Blog Award,  a while ago but hadn't gotten around to making the photo story. I still haven't, but I thought I would post the answers to the questions anyway. Thank you so much Gracie for the nomination!
Photo by Dolls n All (click picture to go to the blog)
The rules:

1. Post a photostory (it can be short) that includes things that are miniature for dolls. That means it has to be something miniature x2 for us!
2. Answer five basic questions (below)
3. Answer and ask two other questions that you make up.
4. Nominate the other five doll bloggers!
If you get nominated twice, just do it… or you don’t have to and just tell the person that nominated you. Enjoy!

How old were you when you got your first AG doll, and who was it?
My first AG doll was #39, who I later named Brooke Estelle.

Which three dolls would you get next, even if they’ve been archived?
I would probably get #64, a custom #61 with #28 wig, #62, and Caroline. Oops that's four... haha :)

How long have you been doll blogging?
I've been doll blogging for 2 and a half years! It has been wonderful, and I love it.

Why did you start a doll blog?
Well, I already had a blog and I just started posting about the doll clothes I made. Eventually, it turned into a doll blog!

How are your dolls ‘related’ on your blog? (sisters, not related, cousins, friends, etc.)

I think they are sisters, but they are friends too :)

Gracie's 2 Questions for me are:

What has been your favorite Girl of the Year so far?
I would have to say Grace. She is so pretty :)

What time period do you want American girl to make a doll from, Or what doll do you want them to bring out of the archives?
This is a really good qustion! I would love to see Kirsten and her collection back from the archives!

My two questions for the bloggers I nominate are:

Which Truly Me doll is your favorite (of those you don't own)?

Have you ever taken a doll on vacation?

I nominate anyone who owns a GOTY doll!

Until next time,
Victoria :D

Monday, November 14, 2016

Stormy Clouds -- A Photo Shoot

Hello, hello!

I've been wanting to do this photo shoot of Beth for quite some time and here it is! 

Also the title is taken from the song Singin' in the Rain 😊

Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Kanani Restored

I have enjoyed working on Kanani the past couple weeks. I tightened her loose limbs. Before, she had trouble standing on her own. Now she is a pro! I cleaned her vinyl with a Magic Eraser twice to remove any dirtiness. I combed her hair, conditioned it, trimmed off a few split ends, and curled it for 48 hours. Time for the reveal!

↑  Her hair before... 


↑  Before... 


I am really happy with the way she turned out! I hadn't originally planned on conditioning her hair, but after I brushed it out and curled it once, it was prone to tangling and such. After conditioning her hair, it was sooo much better and shiny! 

If you want to see more pictures of her, check out her Ebay listing here. Kanani is such a cute and pretty doll and I am so happy I had her for a couple weeks and was able to restore her. Now she is ready to be loved again!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kanani's Journey

I thought it would be fun to chronicle Kanani's journey!

Here she is in her box. The box is a little damaged.

Her hair is frizzy and tangled.

It's still a little curly though.

Her face is so cute! It does have a shine mark or two.

She doesn't have any marks on her cloth body. Her limbs don't have any dark marks, but there are some shine marks. It looks like she will need her vinyl cleaned, her limbs tightened, and her hair brushed, trimmed, and curled. I've heard it is possible to remove shine marks with toothpaste, but I can't seem to find any tutorials...

Anyway, I am excited for Kanani's journey!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

OG Explorers Set Review

I'm so excited to review OG Explorer set! It includes 4 smores, a smore box, a jar with a plant and a bug inside, a waterbottle, a sash, a yellow bandana, a flashlight, a foldup cutlery thing, a knot guide, and a piece of rope. (UPDATE: There is also a compass included in this set, which for some unknown reason did not make it into any of the pictures). The set was around $13.99 I believe, because it was on sale.

This sash has three embroidered badges and it fits well.

This little knot tying thing as adorable. The rope will be going in Teddie's beach themed room.

This bandana is a little small to tie over the head, but can fit around the neck.

 This cutlery piece is so cute :D It has a fork and a spoon.

This little flashlight is great! It actually turns on and my dolls can hold it with or without a rubber band!

I like that the waterbottle is a neutral green color. As for size, it seems a bit small compared to the doll's hand but I don't mind.

This jar is cute and adds a nice touch.

The waterbottle, jar, and flashlight. They are all similar in size.

The smores! They are so cute! It looks like some have marshmallow and chocolate and others may have peanut buter and chocolate. There is a small box for them to go in.

Size comparison.

Overall, I think this set has a lot of fun props for photo stories and photo shoots! I am quite pleased!