Saturday, January 30, 2016

Brooke and Maggie's New Bunk Bed

Today I'm going to walk you through how I made Maggie and Brooke's new bunk bed!
I used hot glue and two pieces of foam board from the Dollar Store, plus a little bit of a third one. I also needed an Xacto knife, scissors, and a ruler.

I made a line down the middle of the foam board, so I can cut two pieces each 10x21 inches. This pair of pieces will make one bed, so you will need to do this twice to make a total of four pieces!

Glue two pieces to each other, to make it really sturdy.  Do this with the other pair as well.

For the legs of the bunk bed, I wanted to make sure it would be sturdy, so I cut 12 pieces about 1.5 inches by 16 inches. I put them in groups of three and glued them together, to make four really sturdy legs.

To attach the legs to the beds, I cut a little chunk out of the corners of the bed.

As you can see, I cut about an inch.

This is the foam board I had left over, which I decided to use for headboards.

To make headboards, I used a plate to trace a curve on one side. The arrow is so I would remember which side is up before I drew the curve :)


I glued it all together, and painted their initials on the headboard.
And now for pictures of the finished bunk!

And Brooke is here for a size comparison:

I made a mattress for Brooke's bed. I used purple swirly cotton, and filled it with polyester fiber fill. I got it at Wal-Mart for $3.50. I'll be using it for the pillows too.
For a blanket, she has some pink fleece.

Now I need to make Maggie a mattress, and some pillows :) I hope to find some green fabric for Maggie's bed, to match her initial on the headboard.
I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Beth's Bed

Beth's bed was pretty simple to make. I wanted to have under the bed storage, so I didn't make it like a box. The bed measures about 20" by 10" and about 5" high. I was able to make it from one piece of foam board from the Dollar Store. I cut two of each piece and hot glued them together to make the bed more sturdy. I may eventually add a simple headboard.

The bed length gives a little bit of room on every side, as you can see below. Since Beth's room is kind of on the smaller size, a compact bed was essential.

Here you can see the doubled foam board.

I made a simple mattress/cushion using an old sheet. A cut a rectangle and sewed the edges close. The inside is actually folded up tulle. I had extra that I wasn't using, so I put it in there.

The bed still needs blankets and pillows, which I am excited to start on. Next I want to make a bunk bed of foam board for the other two girls. I think it will work...
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Remodel! Photostory

Today I bring you a photo story!
Maggie, Beth, and Brooke stood around talking. Their house was being remodeled and it was all the buzz.

Brooke said excitedly, "A few of the rooms are ready to be moved in to! Beth, would you like to see yours?" 

Beth turned to Maggie, "My room?!"

"Yeah, you get your own room!" Brooke said pointing the way. The other girls followed her.

"This is it!" Brooke smiled.

"It is kind of small-" Brooke started to say.
Beth shook her head, "It will be cozy."

Brooke nodded, "We'll go get some of your stuff and bring it in." She and Maggie headed out the door.

Wow, my very own bedroom, Beth thought, looking around.

Maggie grabbed a crate of things and set it on the floor. She started unpacking.

Beth put up a few shelves for her trinkets.

The bed was brought in next. Beth pushed it against the wall.

"This is fun!" Maggie exclaimed as she put the mattress on the bed.

Brooke helped by putting some of Beth's things on the shelves.

When it was all finished, Beth said, "Thank you so much! I love it!"
"You're welcome! We are all excited to be getting more space!" Brooke replied. She glanced at Beth's cardigans, "Oh, we'll have to get a coat hook for some of your clothes."
"That sounds great, and I'm going to decorate and stuff too." Beth said.

Maggie and Lea were in the upstairs room.
"It's funny, right now we have a whole room just for shoes!" Maggie giggled.
"It all is very organized." Lea nodded approval.
"Thanks to you!" Maggie smiled.
The girls heard a voice shout, "Maggie!"

Maggie went to go see who was calling. It was Brooke in a different room.
Brooke said, "You and I will be sharing this room."


"Wow guys this room is big!" Beth said as she came in.

"That is why Maggie and I are sharing it together." Brooke explained.

Lea soon joined the other girls, as they chatted about bunk beds and other possibilities for Maggie and Brooke's room.
So yes! I have converted some space into a couple doll room's! I'm excited to work on furniture, and I already made Beth's bed out of foamboard. I hope to make a bunkbed for Maggie and Brooke also out of foamboard. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this photostory!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beth's New Cardigan and Modeling Her Newest Outfit

This week I made Beth a black cardigan! I used the Liberty Jane pattern hack tutorial on Pixie Faire. The fabric I used was from a black sweater.

She is wearing the cardigan with the outfit she got for Christmas.

The AIO t-shirt I made with the free patter on Pixie Faire. I applied the AIO logo with an iron on transfer.
The skirt I made with the skirt variation of the Faraway Downs Dress pattern on Pixie Faire. I used a yellow t-shirt for the fabric.

Beth loves her new outfit!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Brooke in the Snow

This was a really fun photo shoot to do! It was nearly sunset, but the snow made everything light up.

This is one of my favorites :)

I hope you enjoyed this photo shoot! Which photo was your favorite?
Brooke's outfit:
Tee - made with pattern from Simply Sweet and Sewn
Kimono - made with altered Liberty Jane pattern
Boots - Sophia's on Amazon
Leggings - made with altered pattern from Sew Adollable
Long sleeve tee - made with Liberty Jane pattern