Sunday, February 28, 2016

Photo Challenge Day 21

Today's Challenge: "Blurry"
This pic is from the photoshoot I took of Maggie in her Star Wars t-shirt. However, I didn't end up posting it. It is "blurry" because of the blurred cement :)

Beth in Pink -- A Photoshoot

Since I haven't had Beth as long as Maggie and Brooke, I feel like I haven't done as many photoshoots of her. I'm still discovering how she looks in different colors, even though she's been customized since last September!


Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Beth and Maggie's Updos

I did some fun hairstyles on Maggie and Beth that I thought I would share!
Maggie's is a low pony flipped over and bobby pinned in a simple yet cute style.

Beth's hair was a bit more complex. First, I did two French braids from her part to her hair. Then, I put the rest of her hair in a bun. I wrapped the braids around the base of the bun.

She's loving her new white minky pullover :)

Photo Challenge Day 20

Today was 'Rainbow' so I dressed Brooke in a rainbow-y outfit. She wasn't overly thrilled to model it since it's not really her style, but it turned out cute :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Photo Challenge Day 17

This is what Brooke is wearing today...

She's wishing for summer :)

Spring/Easter Cookies!

I recently made these little cookies!

I mixed together some clay to the approximate color of a cookie and rolled it out. I used some tiny cookie cutters to get the shapes.

For a more realistic texture, I lightly used a clay tool.

I used fabric paint for the frosting, because I didn't have any puffy paint in the right colors. I wasn't sure if the fabric paint would work, but it dried just fine.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Photo Challenge Day 16

For todays' theme of 'school', I made some printables from AmericanGirlFan (the folder) and MyFroggyStuff (the worksheets and scratch paper).

So, here is Brooke get some schoolwork done :)

Monday, February 22, 2016

Photo Challenge Day 15

Brooke got a dog last summer, a pug named Curly! (It's a Webkinz) Curly is the only pet my dolls have, so I did a photoshoot of Brooke and Curly for the photo challenge for today of 'Pet'.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Maggie's Bedding

I finally got some fabric for Maggie's bedding! The main fabric is green with little white swirls.
This is the mattress:
(please excuse Maggie's under the bed clutter :)

I made a skinny pillow for the head of the bed.

Here is the main pillow.

The blanket I made from a remnant of white minky fabric. It is so soft!

The blanket is two sided.

Then I made a teeny pillow out of the minky.

Maggie thinks the blanket is very cozy :)

Looks comfortable!

Photo Challenge Day 14

Today is 'Closeup' for the Photo Challenge...

That's as closeup as I could get on my camera :)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Photo Challenge Day 13

The theme for today is 'Flashback'. I went looking through the posts on my old WordPress blog. In this picture, I showed the Disneyland t-shirts I made for Brooke and Lia.

Custom Doll Ideas!

I have made two custom dolls, Beth and a blonde doll that I sold. I often enjoy conjuring up custom dolls in my head, so I decided to head to the American Girl website and see if I could come up with some cute combinations!
(all pictures are from

The only doll that American girl sells with dark red hair is #61. I would love to see a doll with a #61 wig side parted, with green eyes, Grace’s feathered eyebrows, on the Josefina face mold.
I think another cute doll would be #27 or 63 with a #28 wig.


It’d be fun to see #41 with a 64 wig.
I am also interested in seeing Maryellen’s wig on a Josefina face mold. While looking online at AG dolls and stuff, I spotted a picture here of what looks like a Grace doll with a Maryellen wig and hazel eyes. You can see the doll by clicking this link and scrolling down to the second review.

Lastly, Lea has a very pretty wig, so any custom with her wig would probably be amazing. For example, #33 with Lea’s wig.
That’s all the custom doll ideas I have for now!

What eye/hair/facemold/skin color combination would you like to see in a custom doll?