Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Glasses from AmericanFashionWorld

I always thought it would be fun to have some glasses for my American Girl Dolls.  I was looking on Amazon and found some cute pairs from American Fashion World for a reasonable price.  The set came with a purple pair and a hot pink (although they look more reddish in my pictures) pair of glasses. 

The glasses measure about 3 1/4 inches long.  The lenses are about 1 1/4" by 5/8".

Here is a closer look at how they look on the Classic mold:


And the Josefina mold:

I think it's a nice touch that the arms have small holes in the ends to attach a glasses string.  This is important when doing activities like riding horses or roller coasters :)

Both pairs fold up nicely.

The arms are connected to the frames with a screw on each side.  I feel like the purple pair are a teeny bit crooked, but that might just be how they sit on my doll.


These glasses are cute accessories for my dolls' outfits and I am pleased with the quality of them!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gladiator Sandals (and Photoshoot!)

Recently, Pixie Faire Freebie Friday pattern was the Gladiator Sandals.  I downloaded the pattern to save until I wanted to use it.  I was looking at this photoshoot on American Girl Place, and I noticed the doll was wearing super cute shoes!  Suddenly I thought "I have a pattern for shoes almost just like those!" and quickly printed the pattern.

And so I made these black sandals!  I made them black because I wanted them to be versatile, and my dolls don't have any all black casual shoes.  They were fairly easy to make (cutting out the pieces to longer than assembling them).

Although the pattern calls for two straps to go through each slit on the center piece, the 2mm craft foam I used was too thick for more than one strap. 

The only problem is the strap around the ankle is a little short and I have to stretch the craft foam.  I eliminated this problem by making the Velcro strips shorter and making the ankle strap a teeny bit longer on my next pair!  Shortly after finishing the black pair, I made one in royal blue.  This time I made the slight adjustments that I realized needed to be made the first go around.  They turned out great except the heel piece on the left shoe is a little odd.  I think it's because I used a different sole pattern that had a slightly larger heel, but that's okay. 

My dolls will definitely be wearing these shoes a lot the rest of the summer, and I am eager to make them in even more colors!

Here is the rest of the photoshoot :)





Monday, July 27, 2015

Boy Swim Shorts and Flip Flops

I sewed these upcycled shorts some time ago, but couldn't decided if I would put them in my Etsy shop or not.  I think I will keep them for my OG boy, and show them to you here!

For the base of this design, I used the basic shorts/pants pattern from Pixie Faire.  I made many additions to the pattern to make it look like swim shorts.

As I was changing the pattern and adding stripes of white to the sides and cuff, I transferred the measurements to paper to reuse if I ever want to make another pair.

Bonus Picture!

The pockets on the side are real and can open.  I meant to add Velcro to the flaps but forgot! 

When I was dressing the boy doll for these photos, I realized he didn't have any good shoes for the beach.  So I made him flip flops!  They are made of black craft foam and hot glue.  I cut the soles using a sole pattern that was part of a pattern on Pixie Faire.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another Necklace in my Etsy Shop!

Check out this fish charm necklace I just put in my Etsy shop!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Leopard Print Swimsuit

I made my Rebecca doll a new swimsuit for summer in May, so I thought I would use some fabric from a pair of active wear leggings to make a swimsuit for my other AG doll.  I think this fabric is great for dolls because the leopard print is so tiny!
 I used the free swimsuit pattern from Pixie Faire.

The pink water shoes are from Sophia's.

Just before I finished making the suit, I decided to add a little skirt to it.

The back

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What My Dolls are Wearing Today!

Today I took some pictures of my dolls in their current outfits!  I did a post like this before on my old blog here

The first outfit!

This outfit includes a The Sound of Music t-shirt, orange leggings, blue shoes, a matching necklace, and a hair bow.

You can check out how I made the t-shirt by seeing an older post here.  The matching necklace has green, orange, and blue beads.  I didn't plan for it to match this t-shirt when I was making it, but the two go well together!

These shoes are so cute!  They are from AmericanFashionWorld on  They also come in many other colors.


The bright leggings are made with this pattern from Sew Adollable.

A pic of her rope twisted hair.

The second outfit is Mickey Mouse themed!

This casual ensemble includes a vintage-style Mickey Mouse t-shirt, a Mickey charm necklace, and black shorts.

The black shorts are a favorite piece of mine, because they are so versatile!  They are upcycled from a black t-shirt and made using the shorts variation of this pattern on Pixie Faire.
The shorts have a blue foldover waistband without elastic.