Monday, May 29, 2017

WMDAW // teddie and phoebe

I like to do "What My Dolls are Wearing" posts for outfits that don't get featured in photo shoots.

Teddie's outfit includes a pink raglan style tee, a starfish necklace, denim cutoffs, and white sandals. The tee is made using the Cortina Top pattern from Pixie Faire, and the shorts are the shorts pattern from Pixie Faire. The sandals were made with the Gladiator Sandals pattern, also on PF.

Phoebe is wearing a Disney muscle tank, green leggings, and pink crocs. Her bun actually has a little bow, which is hard to see because it's black. The tank and leggings were made using Pixie Faire patterns. I looked at a picture from Pinterest with Disney quotes and doodles, and did it on the tank with sharpies. I really like this top!

Happy Memorial Day!

PS I can't seem to get my text at the top of the post to not be blue ??

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Edited vs. Original // an exploration

Today we'll be looking at the photos I posted this week from a shoot of Beth. I thought it might be interesting to show you the original pictures in comparison to the small edits I made and posted. Some of the changes are very subtle. Each original is first, with the edited version following directly after.

One of my goals as I edited these pictures was to make the detail on the dress visible. I didn't want the dress to be flooded with light, making it bright and lacking detail. The last two photos show this the best I think. The same things goes for Beth's face in the 2nd and 3rd photos.

Do you like the originals or the edits better?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ahoy // a photo shoot with Maggie

When I sew something new, I naturally want to create an outfit that includes the new piece and do a photo shoot. This week I made a white tank top, and added little ties at the shoulders. I may eventually put some sort of graphic on this tank, but for now it remains quite versatile.

 I made the bracelet last year and never thought to put it on my dolls until now :)

These shorts are made from sparkly denim. I believe I made them last year.

What inspires you to take a photo shoot of your doll?

Which doll do you think I should do a photo shoot of next: Phoebe, Brooke, or Teddie?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Beth of Stony Hill // a photo shoot

This week I sewed a little summer dress! I think the inspiration came from a recent read of Rilla of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery. I imagine the girls wearing dresses with lots of gathers, so I ended up making a modern dress based on that! I didn't use a pattern, but just used rectangles and fixed things as I went along. A necklace and braided up-do (from a YouTube tutorial) completed the look.

Also, all of these pictures were edited slightly (just the brightness, sharpness, and color intensity). I'm not too experienced with picture editing, but just changed it to when I thought it looked a bit better. Would you be interested in seeing a comparison post with the originals and edits side by side?

Anyways, here are the photos and I hope you enjoy :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Another New Adventure -- Announcement!

Hi! So, I've been thinking about starting a photography blog to have somewhere to document and share what I've been learning and will learn about photography. Over the past couple days, I've been designing it. And it is finally ready! I cannot wait to start posting my photography. If you want to check it out here is the link: [title of blog].

I would love it if you went to my new blog and checked it out!

(I will still be posting doll-related things here, as well)

A Mini Photo Shoot of Mini Julie

I was only able to get a few shot of Mini Julie, because she wasn't able to stand very well. But, I thought I'd still post them anyway.

Have a great day!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Phoebe's Thoughts on Z's Release and Collection!

Today Phoebe will be talking about the items in Z's collection!

***all images from


Hello all! Me and my friends are so excited for Z! She was released exactly one week ago, on April 27. She even looks like me! Her hair is a bit longer though.


Here she is! I think her outfit is cute and versatile. I'm sure Brooke would love those sparkly shoes. I think it's also cool that Z is from Seattle, in Washington. It's nice to have dolls from different areas of the US, because each area has it's own mini-culture that can be shown through the doll's release!

This is Z's accessory set. The jacket is cute and versatile.

Here we can really see the length of Z's hair. I like that braid on the side... Maybe I'll have to try it! As for the outfit, it's pretty cute, but doesn't have much mix and match ability since the overlay tank is kind of small and the dress is a dress.

This outfit seems simple, but sometimes simple outfits are good. The shoes!!!

Aww sweet! I guess there has been a Truly Me dog that looks a lot like this, but now it is back as part of Z's story.

Check out these cameras, camera bag, and tripod! This is cool, I think. Brooke is the photographer in the family and I'm sure she would love this too. I also like that the equipment is in colors that would appear in real life (I read that somewhere and I agree).

What?! I want this!! *zooms around on imaginary scooter*

The final item in Z's collection is this desk. It has quite a few accessories that come with it. I wonder if the hinges actually work? The laptop is cool! I also wonder if I could sit in that chair or would I fall off?

Welp that's all for today! Thank ya'll for hearing about my 'pinions! I'm off to celebrate Star Wars Day with Maggie!