Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Teddie Meets Her Pen-Pal!

Hi, this is Teddie! Last weekend I got to meet my wonderful pen-pal Phoebe Jo from Simply Dollightful!

We've been exchanging letters for quite some time now, and it was so fun to meet in person!

Both Phoebe and I have four sisters!

Phoebe told me all about her most recent story. We might try writing a story together sometime, since we both love writing!

Phoebe also likes gardening, so she had to show me the tomatoes she was growing!

She even gave me one of the tomatoes to eat! I've never had a garden, but Phoebe makes it look so fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

 I hope some of the other girls can meet Phoebe too someday! She's a great friend :)

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I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Be sure to check out Christina's blog if you haven't already to learn more about Phoebe!

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