Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WMDAW Brooke and Maggie

I put these spring/warm weather outfits together for fun and thought I'd share the results! So, it's time for another What My Dolls Are Wearing!

First is Brooke!

She is wearing a fringe scarf that I made from the sleeve of a t-shirt.

Her basic white tank tops creates a good backdrop for the scarf.

These black and white daisy leggings add a pattern to the outfit, as well as contrast from the lighter colors of the top and scarf.

For her hairstyle, two pieces of hair from the front are pulled back and tied with a ribbon bow elastic.

Her hairstyle is very simple, her curls are down with a small piece pulled back with an elastic.

Her orange tee is actually the style I make for boys, but I rolled the sleeves a little. There is a tiki and a flower on the shirt in white. I really like the length of the shirt.

Maggie's shorts are a very dark blue denim with silver glitter and tan stitching. They have been in a lot of outfits since I made them because they are cute and versatile as well.

Her shoes are white sandals made from craft foam using the Liberty Jane Gladiator Sandals pattern. I have made 5 pairs of sandals with this pattern, of which 3 are white! So white sandals get used a lot in my doll household as well.

Which outfit did you prefer? Brooke's or Maggie's?

PS Next up is another room tour :)


  1. I love the creativity of Maggie's outfit! I will have to try that sandal pattern. Brooke's is really pretty too, perfect for anything.

  2. Cute outfits! They are giving me inspiration for my own wardrobe, lol. I think I prefer Maggie's outfit, but I really love Brooke's capris!