Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ahoy // a photo shoot with Maggie

When I sew something new, I naturally want to create an outfit that includes the new piece and do a photo shoot. This week I made a white tank top, and added little ties at the shoulders. I may eventually put some sort of graphic on this tank, but for now it remains quite versatile.

 I made the bracelet last year and never thought to put it on my dolls until now :)

These shorts are made from sparkly denim. I believe I made them last year.

What inspires you to take a photo shoot of your doll?

Which doll do you think I should do a photo shoot of next: Phoebe, Brooke, or Teddie?


  1. Gorgeous pictures!! I love that shirt, I want one for myself!! ;D I don't know exactly what inspires me to take pictures of my dolls, but usually when the weather is nice and the lighting is good is when I get to it! ;)

  2. I love this outfit!!!
    I feel the same way! When I knit I want to take pictures of the newest thing I've made.

  3. Great pictures. The outfit is perfect for the theme. I love the little bracelet!