Monday, May 29, 2017

WMDAW // teddie and phoebe

I like to do "What My Dolls are Wearing" posts for outfits that don't get featured in photo shoots.

Teddie's outfit includes a pink raglan style tee, a starfish necklace, denim cutoffs, and white sandals. The tee is made using the Cortina Top pattern from Pixie Faire, and the shorts are the shorts pattern from Pixie Faire. The sandals were made with the Gladiator Sandals pattern, also on PF.

Phoebe is wearing a Disney muscle tank, green leggings, and pink crocs. Her bun actually has a little bow, which is hard to see because it's black. The tank and leggings were made using Pixie Faire patterns. I looked at a picture from Pinterest with Disney quotes and doodles, and did it on the tank with sharpies. I really like this top!

Happy Memorial Day!

PS I can't seem to get my text at the top of the post to not be blue ??

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