Sunday, October 11, 2015

Some 'Our Generation' Clothing for Inspiration

Today I went on to take a look at the Our Generation sets, for inspiration of things to sew or make.  It seems like the Our Generation line has a lot of variety in the kind of things they offer, but a lot of the items online say "In store only".  The Targets that I have been to don't appear to have a lot of variety in the selection of OG items.  Nevertheless, I saw some fun stuff!

Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Snow Bright
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The 'Snow Bright' outfit is $17.99 on the website.  The Aztec print coat looks very cozy for cold days, and could also be worn with jeans or leggings.  Warm ups are essential for a doll that loves to play in the snow.  They are the best way to stay warm! 

Our Generation Regular Outfit - Plaid Skirt
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This 'Plaid Skirt' outfit is $12.99.  Each piece looks very versatile.  This outfit would be so cute for a Holiday event!
Our Generation Deluxe Outfit - Putting on the Glitz
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This is the 'Puttin on the Glitz' outfit, which is $17.99.  This dress is so sparkly and would be great for a party.  The ruffle at the hemline is so cute.  I'm not sure if I personally would pair it with the pink tights, but that's just preference.  The hair bows would be great mix n match accessory items.  I think this color would look great on Beth!
Our Generation Regular Outfit - Fluffy Sweater
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This outfit, called 'Fluffy Sweater Outfit', is $12.99.  It is one of my favorites that I saw.  It is so versatile!  Rather than tights like the two outfits above, it has leggings.  The shorts would be great for summer with a light blue, white or pink matching top.
Our Generation Rgulr Outfit - PJ's wth pngun
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The 'PJs with Penguin' outfit looks so cozy.  It is also $12.99.  These are adorable winter pajamas!
There were more cute sets, but I'll limit this post to five :) Thanks for reading!
Disclaimer ~ I am not affiliated with any doll company and 100% of this post is my personal opinion.


  1. I really love the new outfits, specifically the winter "Snow Bright" outfit! I think the snow pants and coat are just darling.