Friday, February 17, 2017

Photos of Maggie -- Unearthed

I discovered some pictures of Maggie from last summer that I don't think I ever posted! There's just a few good ones, but I thought I'd share them!

A reflector would have been useful in that picture. ↑

I designed the cardigan and shoes for the dress.


  1. These photos are sew cute! Did you use patterns for the cardigan and dress, or did you make them up? Because if you did the latter, I would love a tutorial. I simply love that dress!


    1. Thank you! I used Pixie Faire patterns as the base, but I made it up for the most part. For the dress, I just used the strappy tank top pattern but lined the bodice and made it dip in the neckline. The skirt part of the dress is just rectangles gathered and sewn onto each other. I think I used some sort of quilting quarter for the fabric.

  2. These photos are adorable. The cardigan and shoes are perfect for the dress and the necklace just the right amount of bling.